March 14, 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM 3 Months Free facebook! 2GB 49Tk Offer 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020 1GB Internet on recharge! Banglalink brings Bondho sim reactivation offer check code. Now re-activate your Banglalink sim and recharge 39 Taka to enjoy inactive sim offer. Banglalink (BL) Bondho SIM internet offer eligible users can enjoy 12 GB Internet on 39 Taka recharge and 0.5 paisa/second  Special call rate offer BL to BL numbers and 1 paisa/second to other operators. Know more about Banglalink Bondho SIM Reactivation offer 2018 below.
Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer

Banglalink Prepaid and call & Control customers are eligible for reactivation offer. In this BL Bondho SIM offer, Banglalink eligible users will get a total 12 GB Internet and 25 paisa voice call rate from Banglalink to Banglalink. Banglalink to another operator at 60 Paisa per minute. You need to check first that you are eligible for Banglalink closed sim offer. To know eligible Bondho sim offer Banglalink number, read the following article below:

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer Eligibility Check?

Banglalink mobile operator provides an SMS format to check BL Off SIM offer are Eligible or not. You need to send SMS to check for eligibility.
To know if the offer is applicable for you or not, you may type your Banglalink number and send a free SMS to 4343.
Banglalink Bondho SIM offer check code: Type 019XXXXXXXX and send SMS to 4343 (free)

Closed SIM 1GB Free Facebook Offer

Reactivate your Banglalink prepaid SIM and enjoy 1GB free Facebook and lowest call rate offer. The validity of the lowest call is 30 days. By dialing *121*200#, users can get instant 1GB Facebook data pack.
Banglalink Reactivation offer 2020
Extra Validity Internet Offers:
Offer Details USSD/Recharge Validity
Call Rate (without any recharge condition) Dial *121*200# 30 days
Free Facebook Dial *121*200# 30 days
Special Internet 2GB Recharge Tk. 49, or Dial *121*200# 7 days
Special Minute Offer 80 Min (any operator) Recharge Tk. 47, or Dial *121*200# 30 days
Special Call Rate: 1p/sec (any operator) Recharge Tk. 39 15 days
Special Call Rate: 54p/min (1-second pulse) (any operator) Recharge Tk. 47, or Dial *132*947# 15 days

Banglalink Bondho SIM  23 TK Recharge offer:

  • To avail the Bondho SIM offer for Banglalink, Customers have to recharge exactly 23 Taka.
  • Recharge 23 Taka will be added to the main account.
  • Upon recharging 23 TK, the customer will get 0.9 Paisa/sec  to any number of special tariff and 1GB internet bonus
  • A 1-second pulse is applicable for the special tariff.
  • Banglalink off SIM special tariff (Banglalink-any operator) validity is 90 days.
  • To unsubscribe from the Bondho SIM special tariff, dial *166*220#
  • Customers also get 20 BL-BL SMS, valid for 10 days and 1 GB Internet, valid for 15 days.
  • To check SMS balance, dial *124*65#.
  • To check Banglalink Closed internet balance, dial *5000*109#
  • The daily maximum usage limit of the 1 GB bonus internet pack is 350 MB.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Internet offer

Banglalink Reactivation SIM users also will be able to purchase the Special discount data package. This internet package price is 9 Taka.
  • After the 15 days of the first-time recharge 23 Tk, customers will get the chance to buy a highly discounted internet pack 1 GB.
  • Banglalink 1GB @ 9 Tk Recharge.
  • Banglalink Bondho SIM 1GB Internet offer validity is 7 days.
  • To check Banglalink internet balance, dial *5000*109#.
  • Customers will be able to purchase this special discounted 1 GB internet pack maximum of 11 times, once every 15 days for 5.5 months.
  • Daily maximum usage limit of the 1 GB discounted internet packs is 350 MB.
  • Customers who have availed the Tk. 23 offer will be blocked from recharging Tk. 9 for the first 15 days
Customers will be able to purchase this special discounted 1 GB internet pack maximum of 11 times, once every 15 days for 5.5 months.
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Banglalink 1GB at 14 TK  Bondho SIM offer:

  • Banglalink 1GB internet pack at only 14 TK, valid for 24 hours
  • To activate pack, dial *5000*14#
  • To check volume and validity of the pack, dial *121*14#
  • Any Banglalink Prepaid and C&C subscriber can purchase the data pack
  • The subscribers can purchase the internet pack as many times as they want.
  • After completion of pack volume or validity, you will be charged at PAYG rate of 1tk/MB (inclusive of VAT+SD+SC) with the 10KB pulse.
  • This is a limited time offer
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Terms & Condition:

  • All Prepaid & CnC Customers who have not used their Banglalink connection since February 07, 2018 and earlier shall be eligible for this offer.
  • This is a limited time BL Bondho SIM offer.
  • To check offer eligibility customer has to type his/her number and send it to 4343 (free)
  • To avail, this offer customer has to recharge exactly TK 23 at single recharge. The 23 Taka will be added to the main account.
  • Your PAYG usage will be blocked for the day, after 5.6 Tk usage, to protect you from bill shock.
  • VAT, SD, and SC will be applicable for all call rates.
  • To Know more call 111 or 01911304121
Customers can get more information directly from Banglalink. Visit our website to know All Bondho SIM Offer And Banglalink Internet Package, and others offer.
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