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Robi Muhurto 31 Package Tariff

Robi Muhurto 31 Package Details : Robi introduce 1sec/pulse new  prepaid  package which name is Muhurto 31. This package is the best 1  sec pulse package where you will get 1 paisa/sec to one priyo number and 2 paisa/sec in all local numbers 24 hours. For  more information  Muhurto 31 package is below -          Muhurto 31 Package Tariff : Categories Robi Number (Per Min. / Rate) Others Number (Per Min. / Rate) Time (Hours) Priyo Number 0.30 TK N/A 24 Hours Non FnF 1.20 TK 1.20 TK 24 Hours Local SMS 0.50 TK 0.50 TK 24 Hours FnF Number 1 FnF (Robi Numbers) Pulse 1 sec           Note:  15% VAT will be  applicable  with all tariff.  Frequently Asked  Questions and Answers : 1) How to migrate Tarunno 26 package? Ans:  Dail  *8999*31# (Free). 2) May I add any FnF in this package? Ans: Yes, 3 FnF (1 Priyo Number). 3)  How to add  FnF in this package? Ans: Go to massage option and Type A 018xxxxxxxx and send to 8636 or  Dail  *140#. 4) Ho

GrameenPhone Smail Package Tariff

GrameenPhone Smail Package Details : GrameenPhone introducing a new prepaid package which is Smail. Here can gets lowest call rate others number and one super FnF number (GP-GP) with 10 sec pulse. For more information smail package is below -          Smail Package Tariff : Categories GP to GP Number (Per Min. / Rate) GP to Others Number (Per Min. / Rate) Time (Hours) FnF Number 0.66 TK N/A 24 Hours Non FnF 1.80 TK 1.80 TK 8am – 12pm 0.90 TK 1.80 TK 12pm – 4pm 1.80 TK 1.80 TK 4pm – 12am 0.70 TK 1.50 TK 12am – 8am Local SMS 0.50 TK 0.50 TK 24 Hours Number of FnF 3 FnF (Only GP Number) Pulse 10 sec           Note:  15% VAT will be applicable with all Tariff.  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers : 1) How to migrate Smail package? Ans: Just dail *111*44# (Free). 2) Have any FnF in Smail package? Ans: Only Three (GP - GP). 3) Have any super FnF in Smail package? Ans: No supper FnF. 4) How to check FnF numbe

Heroes of 71 Retaliation Android Game Download

Heroes of 71 : Retaliation. Heroes of 71 -was the first ever significant Bangladeshi mobile based game upholding Bangladeshi culture and heritage, our liberation war. “Heroes of 71: Retaliation” starts with a continuation from its predecessor, “Heroes of 71” that depicts the Shamsu Bahini capturing a strategically important Pakistani base at Shanir Char, Barisal, and defending it to the last breath. Though they survive the brutal battle, Sajal is killed. Now Shamsu Bahini has set their hearts to revenge for their fallen comrade. A new mission awaits them. Pakistani forces have kidnapped a group of women and are holding them in a torture camp located at Ullar Haat, some miles away from Shanir Char. Shamsu Bahini has to rescue these brave women without a single casualty. As Shamsu Bahini captures the camp they meet another female guerrilla fighter Anila, who was captured during organizing an armed women guerrilla group. Anila joins Shamsu Bahini in another mission to destroy a

robi 24 Taka scratch card

robi launched 24tk scratch card offer for its customers 24 Taka scratch card customers will get following benefits - 80 mins (Robi-Robi) - Validity is 2 days - can use 24 hours - to buy : 24tk recharge through scratch card. - Pulse: 10 sec. other details/conditions: - 24 Tk will not be added in main account - Bundle minutes can’t be used in fnf and priyo number - To check Robi- Robi minutes dial *222*2# - VAT and SD is including robi 24 taka  scratch card offer, robi scratch card offer