GrameenPhone Smail Package Tariff

GrameenPhone Smail Package Details:

GrameenPhone introducing a new prepaid package which is Smail. Here can gets lowest call rate others number and one super FnF number (GP-GP) with 10 sec pulse. For more information smail package is below -

        Smail Package Tariff:

GP to GP Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
GP to Others Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
Time (Hours)
FnF Number
0.66 TK
24 Hours
Non FnF
1.80 TK
1.80 TK
8am – 12pm
0.90 TK
1.80 TK
12pm – 4pm
1.80 TK
1.80 TK
4pm – 12am
0.70 TK
1.50 TK
12am – 8am
Local SMS
0.50 TK
0.50 TK
24 Hours
Number of FnF
3 FnF (Only GP Number)
10 sec
          Note: 15% VAT will be applicable with all Tariff. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1) How to migrate Smail package?
Ans: Just dail *111*44# (Free).

2) Have any FnF in Smail package?
Ans: Only Three (GP - GP).

3) Have any super FnF in Smail package?
Ans: No supper FnF.

4) How to check FnF number in Amontron package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type "FF" and send to 2888.

5) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
Ans: After 1 calendar day to migration date.

6) After how many days may I change FnF number?
Ans: After 15 days to fnf adding date.

Want to know more information just dail *111*44# or call help line 121 or 1711594594.
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