December 14, 2017

Banglalink SMS pack 2017 to other operator

Banglalink sms bundle pack offer, all banglalink prepaid and banglalink call and control subscriber can purchase sms package. Banglalink SIM has 3 types of SMS packs, namely daily, weekly & Monthly SMS Packs. To buy BL SMS pack, you need to dial specific banglalink sms pack code. Please read the following article, we discuss here the prices, validity and activation code of all SMS bundle packages.
Banglalink SMS Packs
Banglalink SMS Bundle

Banglalink SMS Packs details:

Banglalink launches daily, weekly and monthly SMS packs for their customers. All Banglalink prepaid and Banglalink CNC (Call & Control) subscribers can buy bundle SMS Packs ! 

Banglalink SMS pack can be used on Banglalink to banglalink number or banglalink to other operators.

There are separate activation codes for all SMS packages.
daily 100 and 500 bundle SMS offers are now available.
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You can check or purchase any kind of Banglalink SMS bundle by dialing *121*2*7# number.

BL SMS Bundle Offer :
  • to buy 100 SMS @ only 2.99Tk. (+VAT) per day , dial *222*8# and follow the further instructions
  • to buy 500 SMS @ only 5Tk. (+VAT) per day, dial *132*1# and follow the further instructions

Now you can check or buy any kind of minute or mixed bundle by dialing *1100# (charge free).

Terms and conditions:

  • Banglalink SMS bundle offers are applicable for all pre-paid and call & control customers only.
  • 100 SMS can be checked by dialing *124*3# (free) but at first will have to send minimum 1 SMS to check SMS balance.
  • 500 SMS can be checked by dialing *124*2# (free)
  • brought SMS can be sent to all banglalink numbers during 24 hours a day within the validity period.
  • 100 SMS offer can be de-activated by dialing *222*9# (free)
  • only banglalink Play users will be able to buy 100 SMS @ only Tk. 0.99 (+VAT) per day.
  • VAT+SC+SD will be applicable with all charges.
for more details, please call 121 or 01911304121.

Teletalk 1 GB Internet 47 Tk Victory day offer 2017

On the occasion of the Great Victory Day, Teletalk offers 1 GB internet, 47 minutes talk time and 47 SMS recharge at only 47 Taka. All Prepaid customers of Teletalk SIM will be able to enjoy this Bijoy Dibos offer.

Teletalk Victory day offer details:

  • To activate the offer applicable for all Teletalk prepaid customers, recharge the 47 or send P47 and send SMS to 111 (without charge) or dial *111*47 # 
  • After launching the offer, subscribers get 47 minutes on net and 47 minutes of net talk time, 47 SMS and 1GB data talk time, SMS and data expiration can be used for 5 days, including talktime, SMS and data, can be used for 24 hours.
  • The voice minutes and data are not usable during the offer.
  • Customers can enjoy the above mentioned offer as much as they want.
  • Unused voice minutes and data will not be available for later.
  • The offer will run from December 15 to December 01 to December 19, at 11:59 pm.
  • Total 5 days.
  • 1 second pulse includes the applicable VAT, surcharges, and supplementary duty charges
Thank you for reading teletalk bijoy dibosh offer. We hope that you can undur this 16 december 2017 offer.

Robi 46 MB Internet 16 Tk victory day offer 2017

Robi victory day offer 2017. In the month of December, Robi offers 46 minutes talk time, 46 MB internet and 1600 SMS at only 16 taka! Dial *8666*0016# and go to Bijoyallas.

robi victory day offer
Dear valuable visitor thank you for vissting our website . Today we dicuss about robi special internet offer for 16 december 2017.

Robi victory day offer details:

  • Talktime (Robi / Airtel)
  • Duration 24 hours
  • Tax applicable
Thank You for reading this robi bijoy dibosh internet offer. we hope that you can active robi victory day internet mb offer. if you are elligble to enjoy robi 16 december victory day data offer.

December 8, 2017

GrameenPhone 1GB Internet 9 Tk New SIM Offer 2017

Grameenphone all new SIM customers are eligible to enjoy startup offer. Grameenphone New SIM Offer is Updated From 5th December 2017. In this GP New SIM Offer, Grameenphone Customers can get the 1GB Internet at only 9 Tk and 1 poisha call rate (GP to GP). Just buy a new Grameenphone connection & enjoy special call rate & internet offer.
GP New SIM Offer 2017

GP New SIM Offer Details:

GrameenPhone Start-up SIM price is 110 Taka. From 4th July 2017, All new Grameenphone pre-paid (Nishchinto), Djuice, Ekota 1, 3 and BS 1,3,4 (Shofol) & 5, Bondhu, Grameenphone Public Phone and Village phone connections will enjoy following offers:

Start-up Offer Details:

  • SIM price is 110 Tk.
  • Get 5 Tk Preloaded Talktime.
  • Preloaded talk time for Village Phone will 50 Tk
  • Preloaded Talktime Validity is 30 days.
  • Dial *566# to check the pre-loaded talk time.
  • Dial *121*1*2# to check the bonus talk time.
  • For the internet, the customer will be charged at BDT.01/10Kb, up to BDT 200.

GP New SIM Adha poisha & 1 poisha call rate offer:

  • On 34 taka First Recharge, Customers will be able to enjoy 0.5 poisha/second call rate to any Grameenphone number and 1 poisha/second to any other local numbers 24 hours for 15 days. In addition to that, customers will get 1GB Internet for 7 days
  • Upon expiry of special tariff, customers will be able to enjoy the main package call rate.
  • While enjoying the special lower tariff other lower tariff offers will not be applicable. Lower tariff is not applicable on bonus amount, bonus minutes or Emergency Balance and these will consume first.
  • To check bonus & validity, please dial *121*1*2# from GP new SIM Offer.
  • The first recharge offer is applicable only for the first time, after which the 34 Taka recharge offer will not be applicable for the subscriber. During the campaign period above mentioned recharge points (9 Taka, 34 Taka) are only applicable to the eligible new subscribers and will remain restricted for all other customers. 54 Taka recharge point will also be restricted for all customers.

GP 1GB Internet on 9 Tk Recharge Offer:

  • Customers will be eligible to buy 1GB Internet for only 9Tk (inclusive all charges). Customers need to recharge exact 9 Tk to get 1GB with 7 days validity.
  • GP New SIM User can avail 1GB Internet for 9 Taka (inclusive all charges) offer only once in one calendar month.
  • Subscribers can avail this offer maximum of 5 times within his eligible period.
  • The eligible period is five Calendar months and it starts from the date from his activation date.
  • Customers can check his monthly remaining opt-in quota by dialing *121*1111#
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on the base tariff.

Terms & Condition:

  • You need a National ID Card to buy GrameenPhone New SIM card.
  • You will get total 6 GB internet for GP new SIM internet (MB) Offer.
  • GP New SIM MB validity is 7 days.

      Grameenphone Bondho Sim Reactivation Offer 2017

      GP Bondho SIM Offer is updated on 1st December 2017! Grameenphone brings inactive-bondho sim offer for their valuable Prepaid customers. If you want to activate your inactive bondho sim, then you able to enjoy Grameenphone reactivation offer. Under GP closed sim reactivation offer, you able to enjoy cheap call rates and amazing internet data offer. However, you will get amazing call tariff rate for a long time. If your Grameenphone sim inactive long then two months, then you able to enjoy this GP off SIM offer.
      Grameenphone Bondho SIM Offer
      Grameenphone bondho sim offer 2017:  Great way to increase their customer and subscriber. Grameenphone leading Bangladeshi telecommunication and they already have 5.5 core users. If you activate your Grameenphone bondho sim, then you will enjoy their 'Surprise On Returns' offer. However, this is an interesting and great surprise from GP.

      How to check GP bondho sim offer eligible or not?

      GrameenPhone Customers can be checked their number eligibility by sending an SMS. GP bondho sim offer check details:-
      •  Go to message option and type "BHK <space> 017XXXXXXX" to 9999 number. 
      Example:  BHK 01770870212 and send to 9999 (SMS Charge is free).
      After successful sending SMS, Customers received the following SMS from the GP operators:
      • If you are eligible to GP closed sim offer, then you will get an SMS with:
      8801770870212 is eligible for 500MB 3G internet at Tk 5.0 offer by dialing *111*90# with 7 days validity & send SN <referrer number> to 9999.
      • If you are not eligible to GP off sim offer, then you will get an SMS with:
      8801770870212 is not eligible for 500MB internet at Tk 5.0 offer. Thank you for being with Grameenphone.
      • In this GP Bondho SIM MB offers 2017, GP OFF SIM eligible user also sends Free 100 MB internet any GP referrer number. Type "SN <space> 017XXXXXXX" and send to 9999. (Charge is free).
      Example:  BN 01770870212 and send to 9999 (Charge is free).

        Grameenphone Bondho Sim Offer 2017 details:-

        GP bondho sim offers mostly great than other mobile operators in Bangladesh. If you reactivate your Grameenphone inactive sim, then you will get amazing call tariff rate, internet bonus, cheap internet purchase etc. To know more information about bondho sim offer for GP, see from below:

        Bondho SIM Offer GP Special Call Rates:

        • If you return to Grameenphone family, then you will get amazing call rates offer under GP Bondho SIM Offer. You can enjoy lowest call rates to any GP number and also any local operator. To check GP bondho sim offer, type Aug 017XXXXXXXX and send to 9999.
        • GP bondho sim offer user will Enjoy Adha poisha/second to any Grameenphone number (12:00am-5:00 pm).
        • During 5:00 pm-12:00 am enjoy 1 poisha/second to any GP number.
        • Enjoy 1 poisha/second call rates to any other Bangladeshi operators (24 hours).
        • To enjoy this special bondho sim call rate, you need to recharge 29 Taka first.
        • After recharge 29 Taka, you will get special call rates instantly.
        • After recharge 29 Taka, you will get free 29MB internet data.
        • Special call tariff validity will be 30 days from 29 Taka recharge date.
        • Special call rates not applicable for bonus minutes, emergency balance etc.
        • If you have any kinds of minutes bundle, emergency balance, then it's will consume first.

        GP New Bondho Sim offer 500MB @ 5Tk:

        • Grameenphone brings amazing offers on returns. If you activate your inactive bondho sim, then you able to enjoy special internet data offer. However, you able to increase this data validity.
        • Enjoy 500MB internet at 5 Taka only.
        • To activate this special bondho sim data offer, dial *111*90#
        • This special internet validity will 15 days (with activation day).
        • Unused data will be carried forward next data purchase.
        • To check your remaining internet data balance, dial *566*10#.
        • Get up to 2Mbps internet speed on this packages.
        • GP bondho sim MB offer will be running until further notice.

        GP Bondho Sim 1GB 9 Taka offer details:

        • This is Grameenphone new bondho sim data offer. Under this offer, you will get 1GB internet data at 9 Ttaka only. Every 1 GB purchase will 9tk only and validity 7 days. To check your bondho sim data offer, type BHK 017XXXXXXXX and send it to 9999.
        • Enjoy 1GB 3G internet at 9tk only on your GP reactivation bondho sim.
        • You will get up to 2Mbps internet speed on this pack.
        • Data can be used both 2G/3G network environment.
        • To activate 1GB internet, dial *121*3555# or visit MyGP App after activating your Grameenphone bondho sim.
        • To check your remaining internet balance, dial *121*1*4#
        • For more details or information, you can contact Grameenphone Customer Service.

        Terms and Conditions:

        • To enjoy Ggrameenphone bondho sim offer, you need to activate your inactive sim, which inactive more than 3 months.
        • Prepaid customer who have not used theirGrameenphonee connection since 30 June or before, they will avail to enjoy this GP special bondho sim offer.
        • If your SIM bio-metrically not verified, then you need to activate your sim using biometric registration. Then you able to enjoy GP surprise on returns offer.
        • VAT applicable each purchase, call rates etc.
        • This special Grameenphone bondho sim offer continued till further notice from Grameenphone.
        • Under Grameenphone bondho sim offer, you must obey their terms and conditions to enjoy services. I think you able to enjoy Grameenphone amazing bondho sim offer and more exciting offers if your obey their terms and conditions.

        December 5, 2017

        Banglalink 1GB Youtube Pack 19 Tk

        Banglalink Brings an Unbelievable Youtube Pack! Get 1GB youtube at only Tk19 and watch youtube videos as much as you want! To purchase 1 GB Youtube package, dial *5000*345# .You can use the YouTube 1 GB package for 24 hours.
        Banglalink 1GB Youtube Pack 19 Tk

        Youtube Pack Details:

        • 1GB Youtube Pack
        • Price 19 Taka
        • Activation code: *5000*345#
        • Validity 2 days
        • Usage time 24 hours
        • Check : *5000*500#

        Banglalink 1GB Youtube Package 19 Tk details:

        • All Banglalink Prepaid and C&C subscriber can enjoy this 1GB Youtube data package.
        • Dial *5000*345# to buy the 1GB YouTube package.
        • You will be eligible to purchase this pack as many times as they want
        • YouTube pack can be used anytime during the day
        • BL 1GB Youtube Pack Validity is 2 days including the day of subscription
        • YouTube pack usage time band: 24 hours
        • The 1GB volume can only be used for browsing/streaming YouTube
        • Dial *5000*500# to check remaining volume and validity.

        December 3, 2017

        Banglalink 148 Tk Mixed Bundle Offer

        Banglalink brings an unbelievable mixed bundle offer. Get 1GB internet, 148 Minute Talktime and 148 SMS just for TK. 148! Just dial *166*148# or recharge Tk. 148 to avail this offer.

        Banglalink Bundle Offer
        Banglalink Bundle Offer

        Banglalink 148 Tk Bundle Offer Details:

        • Dial *166*148# or recharge exactly Tk. 148 to buy the bundle.
        • All Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers are eligible for this bundle
        • Customer shall get 1GB internet (6AM-12AM), 148 minutes talktime (any operator) & 148 SMS (BL-BL), with 30 days validity including the day of purchase. No balance will be added to customer’s main account
        • This bundle can be purchased several times and in case of multiple purchases within validity, longest validity will be applicable and unused minutes, internet and SMS will add up.
        • After bundle validity expires, unused minutes, internet and SMS cannot be used anymore
        • After completion of bundle internet volume or validity, customer will be charged at PAYG rate of 1Tk/MB (inclusive of VAT+SD+SC) with 10KB pulse.
        • Dial *124*148# To check bundle balance
        • Bundle price is inclusive of all taxes
        • This is a limited time offer