December 31, 2017

Airtel Happy New Year offer

Volume can be used in both 3G and 2G network
Subscribers can opt-in the offers as many times they want within the campaign duration
Same pack subscriptions within validity will accumulate remaining data pack
To check availed offers and balance need to dial *8444*88#
Previous night pack @ 35TK offer will be discontinued.
Eligibility: All airtel prepaid data subscribers

Robi Happy New Year offer! 2018 MB Internet at 89 Tk recharge

Robi introducing a new Internet Package offer to celebrate Happy New Year 2017. Robi 89 Tk @ 2018 MB data pack for 7 days.
Robi Happy New Year offer 2018

Robi happy new year offer 2018:

  • All Robi Prepaid and Postpaid customers can enjoy this offer.
  • Robi 2018MB@89tk, Validity: 7 days, To active recharge 89 Tk.
  • Price is inclusive of SD, SC & VAT. 
  • The validity of Robi 2018 MB Internet Offer 7 days and internet starts on after receiving a confirmation message.
  • the internet can be used 24 hours.
  • To check Robi New year internet remaining volume of data dial *222*2# 
  • This Internet offer will be running from 31th December 2017 to further notice.
  • the package can be activated unlimited time during this offer period. 
  • Unused Internet Volume will not be carried forward with others Robi internet Package.
  • This offer will be running until further notice 

Teletalk Happy New Year offer! 1.5 GB Data, 100 SMS & 400 Min (Any Number) @ 299 Tk

Teletalk Happy New Year Internet Offer 2018. Teletalk new launches in the English Happy new year 2017 offer. Teletalk Prepaid customers are applicable for this New Year offer. Now Teletalk 400 Minute talk-time, 100 SMS & 1.5 GB Internet at only 299 Taka. The Teletalk 299 Tk Bundle Pack offer validity is 30 days.
Teletalk Happy New Year Offer

Teletalk Happy New Year Offer:

Teletalk happy New near 2018 offer is 299 Tk recharge bundle offer.
Offer Highlights:
  • 400 Min Talk-time (Any Number)
  • 100 SMS
  • 1.5 GB Data 
  • Validity 30 days

 TO get 400 Talk Time, 100 SMS and 1.5 GB of internet for any number at only 299 Tk or dial *111 *2999#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Teletalk new year Bundle pack is applicable to all prepaid customers. 
  • Talk time, data can be used for 24 hours. 
  • Customers can buy this volume many times as they want.
  • Customers also use the same cumulative offer at the time of expiry, but the maximum validity will be applicable.
  • This offer will be running until further notice.

GrameenPhone 3G Internet Packages (UPDATE)

Grameenphone Updated 3G Internet Packages from December 2017. In this "GP internet package offer", GrameenPhone prepaid & Postpaid user can active Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Package. GP also offers Facbook pack, Action Pack and Youtube, Viber Data package. You can buy all GP internet package unlimited times.
GP 3G Internet Packages

GrameenPhone 3G Prepaid Internet Packages Details:

GrameenPhone is the most popular mobile internet provider in Bangladesh. they offer 3.9G to their customers. However, if you're a GP user of their internet, you may be wanted to know the GP Internet Package. GP all prepaid and postpaid users can use this data pack and buy it unlimited in this period. Now we will introduce you the full details about all this GrameenPhone 3G internet packages.GP internet package list:

GP Handset Settings

If you want to buy Grameenphone 3G internet packages from their official method, you can simply dial their USSD code. Or you can type desired data pack code and send to 5000 to activate your gp internet packages. Today here are I share most important and regular data plans from grameenphone internet pack 2. These grameenphone 3g internet packages speed will be up to 2Mbps. If you want to activate these internet packs, you can choose them from bellow.
Internet PackPrice (Including SD+VAT+SC)Validity (Days)Activation Code
Pay As You Go 1.22Tk/MBN/A *121*3000#
4 MB 2.5 2 *121*3002#
35 MB 18 7 *121*3003#
60 MB 22 3 *121*3029#
75 MB 37 7 *121*3004#
100 MB 56 30 *121*3005#
250 MB 119 28 *121*3006#
500 MB 149 28 *121*3007#
1.5 GB 229 28 *121*3027#
2 GB 337 28 *121*3009#
3 GB 427 28 *121*3010#
5 GB 609 28 *121*3012#
10 GB 1157 28 *121*3013#
12 GB 1522 28 *121*3014#
20 GB 2436 28 *121*3015#
1 GB Weekly 94 7 *121*3056#
2 GB Weekly 129 7 *121*3058#
4 GB Weekly 179 7 *121*3084#
250 MB 31 3 *121*3083
  • 2GB, 3GB, 5GB & 10GB promotional packs will also offer 1 SMS along with data.
  • 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

GrameenPhone Smartplan Pack :

Smartplan Pack Price Validity Activation Code
500 MB, 200 Min, 200 SMS, 200 MMS 299 30 days *121*3*7*9*1#
1 GB, 400 Min, 400 SMS, 400 MMS 499 30 days *121*3*7*9*2#
2 GB, 600 Min, 600 SMS, 600 MMS 699 30 days *121*3*7*9*3#
  • 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

GrameenPhone Night Time Pack :

Night Pack Price Validity Activation Code
1 GB 33 tk 7 days *5000*122#
2 GB 44 tk 7 days *5000*105#
  • 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

GrameenPhone Facebook Pack :

Pack Name Price Validity Activation Code
Facebook 1 Day 2 tk 1 day *121*3*7*8*1*1#
Facebook 7 Days 1 tk 1 day *121*3*7*1#
Facebook 14 Days 9 tk 14 days *121*3*7*2*2#
Facebook 28 Days 15 tk 28 days *121*3*7*2*3#
  • 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

GrameenPhone Video Pack :

Internet Pack Price Validity Activation Code
Daily Video pack 2 1 day *121*3*7*8*1*1#
Daily Heavy Video pack 5 1 *121*3*7*8*1*2#
Weekly Video pack 15 7 *121*3*7*8*1*3#
  • 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

GP Emergency data loan (10MB) :

10 MB Data Loan Price 5 tk Validity 2 days Activation Code: *5000*50#

Other Important Codes :

Important Codes Direct Dialing Code SMS Keyword to 5000 with Auto Renewal
Turn On Auto Renew  *121*3*8*1# On
Turn Off Auto Renew  *121*3*8*2# off
Stop Internet Package *121*3*8*3# stop
Get Handset Settings *121*3*8*4# N/A
Cancel current pack *121*3*8*3# cancel

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Grameenphone internet 3G packages can be activated through USSD, SMS, IVR, MyGP, WoW Box, Customer Service, GP website.
  • Auto-renew option of any GP internet packages, is turned OFF by default (except BS prepaid and post- paid customers). To turn ON Auto Renewal feature after or during package activation.
  • To turn ON auto renew option after package activation, SMS "ON" to 5000 or dial *121*3042#. Also customer can turn off Auto renew by sending SMS "OFF" to 5000 or dial*121*3043#.
  • To check internet balance, please dial *121*1*4#.
  • After Internet Volume Expiration customer will be charged Tk 1.22/MB (Inclusive of VAT+SC+SD) till validity exists, up to 244 Taka (Inclusive of SD+VAT+SC)
  • Unused Data Volume will be carried forward if the customer purchases the same pack within the active validity period or in case of successful auto renewal.
  • In case of unsuccessful auto renewal, customer will be charged BDT 1.22/MB (Inclusive of VAT+SC+SD) up to BDT 244 (Inclusive of SD+VAT+SC) for Internet usage.
  • To Cancel your Internet Package, dial *121*3041#.
  • To enjoy higher internet speed customers need to use a 3G enabled phone & be within 3G network.
  • Under 3G coverage and without a 3G enabled device will experience the maximum available 2G speeds.
  • Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as handset, website visited, distance from BTS, time of the day, etc.
  • The Internet Volume Purchased from a Campaign Pack, will be used before the Internet Volume Purchased from a Regular Internet Pack.
  • GP Internet packages offer are not applicable for skitto users.
  • To check internet speed customer can visit (Data Charge Applicable)

December 30, 2017

GrameenPhone Internet Settings

GP Internet Settings both manually or automatic system.Usually now a days almost all Smartphones running on Android 4.4.2 above or iOS 7.0 connect to the internet without any APN configuration no need to enable or write APN manually.
You can also check GrameenPhone 3G Internet Activation code.

To enable internet please follow the following steps:
  • Connecting 3G Data (Android 4.4.2) Phone Internet Setting.
  • Connecting 3G Network (Android 5.0 and above)
  • Connecting 3G Data- Configuration.
  • In case of 4G SIM Card of other operators with GP 3G SIM card at Slot 1 Contd...
  • In case of 4G SIM Card of other operators with GP 3G SIM card at Slot 1 Contd...

Grameenphone Internet Handset Configuration Settings Video: