Robi Emergency Internet Balance 25MB at 10 Tk

Robi subscribers now can enjoy emergency internet balance by Robi Jhotpot Balence offer. With this offer, Robi subscribers will get 25 MB internet instantly by dialing *811*1*1*1#.
Customers need to pay emergency data cost by recharging amount. They don't need to dial any USSD code for paying data volume cost. Remember that you can can get only online emergency data pack. For getting again, first pay your previous unpaid balance.
Robi Emergency Internet Balence

how to get emergency internet balance in robi?

  • Robi customer can get 25MB emergency internet for 2 days validity.
  • To get 25MB 10tk internet data pack, Dial *8811*11# or write START 25 and send to 8811 to get 25 MB
  • To check internet balance, dial *8444*88#.
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Conditions :

  • Robi users will get 25 MB emergency internet when their main account balance and data balance both ar 0 (zero). 
  • 10 Tk will deducted for 25 MB internet. (10 Tk is including VAT, SD and SC). 
  • 25 MB has 2 days validity. 
  • To get emergency internet, user must subscribe into Jhotpot balance service first. 
  • To subscriber Jhotpot balance, dial *8811*1*1*1# or type ‘start and send to 8811. 
  • To unsubscriber from Jhotpot balance, dial *8811*1*1*2# or type ‘stop’ and send to 8811. 
  • To check current Jhotpot balance status, dial *8811*1*1*3# or type ‘status’ and send to 8811. 
  • Emergency Internet Balence 
  • Dial *8811*11# or write START 25 and send to 8811 to get 25 MB. 
  • To check data, dial *8444*88#. 

Additional Information:

  • De-register from Jhotpot balance will deactivate subscription of Jhotpot internet option as well. 
  • Data volume can be used in 2G/3G network environment. 
  • Not renewable. 
  • Above tariff including 15% VAT+3%SD & 1% SC. 
  • For usage beyond emergency pack volume, data volume from other individual/promotional/bonus data packs (if any) or BDT 0.01/10KB will be applicable. 
  • Next data loan will not be available until he/she pays back the previous loan amount or used full volume of existing loan volume. 
  • No limitation on frequency of availing data loan until subscribers pays back previous amount and used full volume of existing loan volume.

Conclusion: For providing best customers service, Robi operator are added this important service. You can active others attractive service. To know other services and package visit
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