March 31, 2016

Robi Goti 36 Package Tariff

Robi Goti 36 Package Details:

Robi are offering you the best flat tariff plan in Bangladesh 15 paisa/10 sec to any operator numbers for 24 hours a day. For more information for Robi Goti 36 package is below -
Robi Goti 36 Package Tariff

Goti 36 Package Tariff :

- robi-robi call rate 20 paisa /10 sec and Robi-other operator call rate20 paisa/ 10 sec
- no FnF number.
- For international calls, International charge and pulse applicable
- Pulse: 10 second
- SD,VAT & SC applicable in all charges.
- Migration: Free dial *8999*36#
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1) How to migrate Robi Goti 36 package?
Ans: Just dail *8999*36# (Free).

2) Have any FnF in Robi Goti 36 package?
Ans: No FnF.

3) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
Ans: After 1 calendar day to migration date.
Want to know more information just dail *8999# or call help line 123 or 01819400400.
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