Robi Shorol 39 Prepaid Package: Migration, Call Rates

Welcome to Robi Shorol Prepaid Package. Robi Shorol 39 package is offering you the best flat rate 50 Paisa/min with one "Priyo" Robi and Airtel number!
If You are Robi connection users and want to know Robi Prepaid Package Migration, Call Rates, and others information. You are the right place here. We describe here Robi Shorol Package call rate.
Robi Shorol 39 Package

Robi Shorol 39 Package Migration:

Hellow Robi Prepaid users, are you looking Robi prepaid package migration process? You are searching "How to migrate Goti 36 Prepaid Package?". You need to dial Robi Shorol 39 Package Migration code to active the package.
To migrate Robi Shorol 39 Package just *8999*39#

Robi Shorol Package Call Rate Tariff:

Enjoy the cheap call rate offer in Robi Network. Robi Shorol Package has one Priyo Number. Want to know more information about Robi Shorol 39 package is below -
  • Package name: Robi Shorol 39
  • Robi-Robi/Airtel call rate 23 paisa /10 sec
  • Robi-other operator call rate 23 paisa/ 10 sec
  • Robi/Airtel Priyo number call rate 8.3 Paisa per 10 sec.
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • SD, VAT & SC applicable in all charges
  • Migration: Free dial *8999*39#
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Robi Shorol 39 Tariff Plan:

Tariff Plan Shorol 39
Voice Call Outgoing Paisas / 10 seconds (24 hours)
Robi/Airtel 23
Others 23
Robi/Airtel Priyo 8.3
No. of Priyo 1
Pulse 10 second
Migration Free dial *8999*39#
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
1) How to migrate Robi Shorol 39 package?
Ans: Dail *8999*39# (Free).

2) How many FnF Number in Shorol 39 package?
Ans: You can add only 1 Priyo Number.

3) How to add Priyo number in this package?
Ans: Type P 018xxxxxxxx and send to 8636 or Dail *140#.

4) How to delete FnF number in this package?
Ans: Type D 018xxxxxxxx send to 8363.

5) How to check FnF number in this package?
Ans: Type "F" and send to 8363.

6) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
Ans: After 1 calendar day to migration date.

7) After how many days may can be changed Priyo number?
Ans: After 15 days to fnf adding date.

Want to know more information just dial *8999#. You can check Robi Shorol Package details here

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