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Teletalk Internet Offer - All Internet Package 2022

Teletalk Mini, small Weekly, monthly Internet offer 2022.

Teletalk mobile operator offers high-speed 3G HSPA internet for a better experience on your 3G mobile or device. Get high-speed data transmission and enjoy video streaming live, video calling, speedy download with lot and lot better experiences on the 3G world, which shows a smart technology advantage. Teletalk offers 3G data packages at the least price than any other internet service company.

    Teletalk Internet Offers

     If You are a Teletalk SIM card user, Please read this Teletalk Mini Weekly Internet Pack New Offer.

    Teletalk Internet Package 2021

    Teletalk 3G Internet Packages, teletalk launches classic 3G offers for all prepaid and postpaid customers. To subscribe to any Classic 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in the message option and send to 111.SMS charge is free for data package activation.
    Teletalk started 10 new "Super 3G" internet package for Teletalk (Prepaid & Postpaid) customers. Teletalk SIM introduces 2G/3G/4G internet package Up-to 2 Mbps speed.
    VolumeRecharge AmountActivation CodeValidity
    1GBTk. 23*111*611#7 days
    1GBTk.46*111*46#30 days
    2GBTk.85*111*85#30 days
    3GBTk.63*111*63#10 days
    5GBTk.97*111*97#10 days
    10GBTk.198*111*198#15 days

    DataPriceActive CodeValidity
    60 MBTk.9*111*501#3 days
    3GBTk.33*111*33#3 days
    250MBTk.24*111*503#7 days
    500MBTk.39*111*513#10 days
    2.5GBTk.78*111*511#10 days
    3GBTk.201*111*531#30 days
    5GBTk.301*111*532#30 days
    8GBTk.391*111*533#30 days
    10 GBTk.445*111*550#30 days
    15GBTk.649*111*551#30 days
    30GBTk.1169*111*553#30 days
    45GBTk.1669*111*554#30 days
    65GBTk.2225*111*555#30 days

    Teletalk internet package agami

    DataPriceDial CodeValidity
    1GBTk.21*111*600#7 days
    1GB offerTk.43*111*601#30 days
    2GBTk.81*111*602#30 days
    3GBTk.53*111*603#10 days
    5GBTk.87*111*605#15 days
    10GBTk.169*111*610#30 days

    Teletalk Bornomala sim offer

    VolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
    1GBTk.23*111*611#7 days
    1GBTk.44*111*612#30 days
    2GBTk.83*111*613#30 days
    3GBTk.59*111*614#10 days
    5GBTk.93*111*615#15 days
    10GBTk.179*111*616#30 days

    Teletalk Oporajita sim offer

    DataRechargeValidityDial Code
    1GBTk.87 days*111*8#
    1GBTk.183 days*111*18#
    2GBTk.367 days*111*36#
    10GBTk.14915 days*111*149#
    1GBTk.8930 daysRech:Tk. 89
    2GBTk.19930 days*111*199#

    How To Active Teletalk Internet Offer?

    1. You can active teletalk package bys send an SMS.
    2. SMS charge is free for data package activation.
    3. To subscribe to any 3G data plan, type "subscription code" in message option and send to 111.
    4. Example: D51 and send to 111.
    5. To check data balance, type u" and send to 111
    Let me point you to some about Teletalk 3G packages. In prepaid plans, there are different offers like- classic offer, super offer, low-cost Teletalk is introducing a new Mini Weekly Internet package.In this Teletalk 3G Internet Package, All Teletalk Prepaid and the postpaid user are eligible to buy 150 MB internet at only 20Tk. Teletalk 150 MB HERO internet pack Validity is 7 days.Teletalk Internet Offer
    Teletalk Salute Offer, Teletalk brings an exclusive data offer on the occasion of historical win of Bangladesh National Cricket team against England.Teletalk 2GB internet at 108 Tk. To active this offer, Type E3 Send to 111 (Free SMS Charge). Check usage Dial *152# or Type U send to 111 .
    Teletalk 2GB  7Days 108Tk
    - Teletalk all Prepaid & Postpaid Customer can enjoy this new internet offer.
    - Teletal 2GB Internet Data 108 Tk , Validity 7 days.
    - Type E3 Send to 111 to activate this offer.
    - Check usage Dial *152# or Type U send to 111.
    - This Internet offer will run until further notice.
    To know more info about All Teletalk 3G Internet Package, call 121 or 01550157750. Visit: www. teletalk. com. bd
    Teletalk night pack and regular data package offer 2017! All the teletalk Prepaid customers are eligible to buy 1GB regular and 1GB night pack Internet 150 TK Offer 2017. If you are a teletalk connection user and want to activate teletalk night time unlimited internet package, We recommend you first check the Teletalk 1GB 24 hours data pack and Night time 1GB@150tk Internet Pack Offer Details :-
    teletalk day night internet pack

    Teletalk 1GB + 1GB Night pack Internet 150 TK Offer Details Info:

    • All prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy this internet offer.
    • Teletalk 1GB 24 Hours + 1GB Night pack  (12Am-10AM) internet at 150 Tk for 30 days validity.
    • Dial *111*534# to active teletalk night pack and regular internet package.
    • To check teletalk internet balance dial *152# or Type "U" send to 111number (SMS charge is free).
    • Teletalk 1GB Regular data pack can be used 24 hours.
    • Teletalk 3G Day Night Package will be used only night time  (12Am-10AM).
    • teletalk 3g internet night package has no speed limit to browse and download.
    • teletalk night offer and regular total 2GB data offer will running until further notice.
    • teletalk night internet package can be used both 2G or 3G network area. If you stay in 3G network then you will get maximun speed.
    • VAT, SD and SC Charge Applicable.

    Terms & Contions

    • All prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to subscribe to the above data packages.
    • For day-night pack (D86) subscribers will be able to use 1 GB for 24 hours and the rest 1 GB can be used from 00:00 hrs to 10:00 AM only.
    • Pay per use data rate will be 30 kb/ 1 paisa Unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed before the expiration of the existing data pack (bonus data won't be carried forward).
    • To subscribe to any 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in the message option and send to 111.
    • For example, to subscribe weekly 1GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.
    • In the case of 2G network, speed is not applicable but data could be used.
    • To check the usage of volume bundled package write 'u' and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#
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