Sajek Valley Bangladesh - Resorts, Hotels & Travel Guide

Do you ever think to pass some holidays in the lap of hilly eye-catching sight area in Bangladesh? Yes, I’m narrating to you about the peering scenic beauty of Sajek Valley in Rangamati district.The queen of hills or roof of Rangamati, whatever people call it, as blessed nature builds its astonishing beauty by own hand.
Sajek Valley Bangladesh
Sajek Valley Bangladesh

Lets Explore

The Darjeeling of Bangla, Sajek is the biggest union of the country (about 720 sq.miles), located most northern part of Chittagong Hill Tracts, beside of Tripura(northside), Mizoram(East side) of India. This surrounding natural aerial spot is near 2000 ft. high above sea level. It took it’s name from the river Sajek which has created the border between  Bangladesh & India. The  BGB camp in Bangladesh located at Sajek is famous for its highest altitude in the country.
sajek valley tour
sajek valley tour

One can easily hide from busy life within the marvelous feelings of covering with the smoke of light cloud & exit a deep breath feeling about the beauty of earth and life.  Moreover; you can elapse some memorable moment with the local indigenous people and their tiny homes.

Why Should You Visit Sajek in 2019?

Extraordinary feelings of the hand catching light white clouds, dense forest, bamboo make house, handicraft item by local indigenous people, orange orchard, sunset, morning, evening, full moon night, small cottage for the new couple and wonderful falls are remarkable. Snake spiral types roads are also vivid there.

Do you ever think an extraordinary full moonlight?

An awesome and unprecedented romantic full moon night stop in your memory can be the valley of Sajek obviously. With the feeling of heavenly earth, moon, and nature, you can easily draw a long-lasting picturesque in your imagination. This poetic valley calls everyone to come and feel the unheard silent ballad of earth and nature. So, never think the second time to find out a calendar and pick a full moon night to arrive there.

 Falls of Sajek or hills’ happy crying

Do you want to get thrilling adventure? Then you can go ahead to relish Komolok falls and nearby Pidam Taisa falls or it’s another name Sikam Taisha falls through trekking, and it will take about two and half hours.Certainly, they amuse you with the meditative sound and feeling the loneliness of nature.

Easy communication

Firstly, the country’s highest helipad is in Sajek Valley.So, VIP and capable persons can arrange helicopter journey for the mind-blowing trip inside the country.

Tourists prefer to go to Sajek Valley through Dighinala(49 km.) of Khagrachhori district(70 km.). It’s the simplest way. Or if you want to get adventure, you can take the route of Kaptai of Rangamati by river ways and then a few walking kilometers. Which way you prefer, you have to take permission from 10 no. Bagaihat police & army camp, situated at Dighinala.

After permission, on the way there need to cross beautiful Kasalong river through it’s bridge, then Tiger Tilla army post & Machalong bazaar.After bazar, you will touch the first village of Sajek, name Roiloi Para(in English, para indicates village).From Roilo para, you can reach shortly to Sajek. The last village of Sajek is konglok para, from where you can see Lusai hill of India.

How To Go Sajek Valley From Dhaka

  1. You can easily reach to Sajek valley. You need to go via Chittagong, so first consider which way you prefer, whether road or rail or air.
  2. Then, Chittagong to Khagrachhori busway is available and it needs maximum four hours.
  3. From Khagrachhori to Dighinala there have local buses, fare per head Tk 45/-.
  4. From Dighinala, three types of vehicles are available. Four wheels jeep,locally named as Chander Gari,accommodates 12-15 persons – rental return fare(8,500-10,000/- BDT . CNG accommodates 5 persons rental return fare 2500/- to 3000 /-, as it is risky, so you should consider whether hire it. Another transport system is the motorcycle, it accommodates 3 persons including driver, return fare 1000/- to 1200/-.
  5. It will be a dream trip if you have own car or arrange a car from starting point.

At a glance of how to reach there (From dhaka to the main spot) –
Route Transport type Ticket/Reservation
Address/ Contact no.
Dhaka to Chittagong Air Bangladesh Biman Airliness
Web: or google for more air details
Dhaka to Chittagong Railway Here are the Train Ticket Pricing Info
Dhaka to Chittagong Road or
Chittagong to Khagrachhori Road BRTC Bus 01682385125(Kodomtoli) 01557402507(Khagrachhori)
Khagrachhori to Dighinala Road Local bus per head fare 45/-
Dhaka to Chittagong to Dighinala Road/Bus Web:
Dighinala to Sajek Rent a Four wheels jeep, or CNG, or Motorcycle You can ride on local motor bikes with reasonable fare.

Foods and Meal Availability

Traditional hilly foods available in “System restaurant” located near at Khagrachhori town Pankhai para,

Contact   no.037162634,01556773493,01732906322

Runmoy resort is the best for the heavy meal in Sajek.

All resorts have food facilities.

Besides, one can participate in an indigenous family for lunch or dinner if the prior contact has done with them there.

Resort, Hotel & Motel

Recently some new accommodation facilities have developed there. Note that in Sajek, you can get fancy experience to stay at local indigenous peoples’ hut and also take their uncommon delicious foods. For that, you need to contact prior to them.

Some are
a) Sajek
Name of hotel/motel/cottageContact no.Comment
Sajek Resort01859025694,01847070395

Maintained by Bangladesh Army
Runmoy Resort01862011852tent facilities available
Alo Resort at Roilo para0371-62067
Imanuel resortOrdinary/common bath not ideal for a family
Roiloi Resort01554534507
Megh Machang01822168877
 b) Dighinala
*Dighinala guest house, Contact no. 01827468377
c) Khagrachhori
c) Khagrachhori
Name of hotel/motel/cottageContact no.Comment
Tourism motel0371-6208485
Hotel EcoChori Inn.0371-62625in the hilly area.Resort type
Hotel Shoil Suborno0371-61436
Hotel Zerin0371-61071
Hotel Lobiot0371-61220

Additional information For Travelling To Sajek, Rangamati

  •  Best time for traveling in winter.
  •  For preventing mosquito bite, the body lotion is a must.
  •  Most of the electricity provided in Sajek from solar panel so power bank is relaxable.
  • Carry sufficient drinking water bottles.
  • Prior hotel booking must be ensured.
Have a nice trip! 
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