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Refer bKash App and Get 50 Taka Bonus

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The "bKash" service has been launched to make the service easy and secure. The app allows you to easily and accurately trade. Customers who have a bKash account but do not use the app, they will get a bonus of Tk. 50.

N.B: If you are suspected of hacking, you can see the bKash official website for more information on the bKash app download offer. Or you can learn by calling 16247.
 bKash App Refer Bonus 50 Taka

Download BKash App 50 Taka Bonus Offer:

General development is a mobile account but they have not used the app. They can get a bonus of 50 rupees after following the steps.

Step 1: You have to download the bKash app first. Visit to download bKash app- Download BKash App 

Step 2: Clicking on the download link will make your development down. If the captcha option comes, then I am not robot, click the small box next to the text. Then click the Submit button.

Step 3: After installing the app, you have Successfully Signed Up. Download the development app by clicking the Google Play icon. If you have an iPhone then you have to select the Apple App Store for iPhone.

Step 4:Then log in to the developer app. If the BICASS SIM is in the phone, a code will be automatically occupied. Otherwise enter the code that code will go through SMS in the same SIM. Next, name next to the picture.

Step 5: Finally, recharge your mobile number from 10 bakash apps on your phone. Finish the job! You get 50 taka bonus within 24 hours (or within 1 day).

(You will not get the bonus if there is no transaction from the app, so at least mobile recharge or cash out / send money as soon as possible).
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