August 25, 2017


Now recharge at 58 rupees / 103 / taka 125 once and win up to 1 lakh surety prize

Confirmed cash back offer:
If you recharge at Tk 58/103/125 at the time of the offer, you will get the confirmation (as of order) 1, 2 and 3 cash back. As often as possible

Offer 1000,500 daily, and up to 100 taka:
During the time of the offer, for the first time in the following time, if you recharge Tk 58/103/125, you will get the chance to win up to Tk 1000. 10:00 am to 5 pm Daily will be won by 210.
1000 paisa prize bond in the first 35 paisa daily, prize bond of Tk 500 for 35 paisa, and prize bond of Tk 100 for remaining 140 pawns.

Weekly Millions Offer:
During the time of the offer, the subscriber will get the opportunity to win 1 lakh at least once in the first 6 days of the week, at least once in the day and on the 7th day (between 10:00 am and 5 pm) at one time to recharge 58/103/125. In addition, the next 4 offers will be able to win the 5000 taka. Thus, every week, a total of 5 winners will get prizes.

Other Terms:
  • Offer applicable for Robi prepaid customers (excluding EasyLoads and Entrepreneurs)
  • During the time of the offer, Recharge at Tk 58 / Taka / 125 will be available at a fixed rate (respectively) 1, 2, and 3 in cash back. Validity 10 days.
  • Cash back AMART can be used only for on-net call and will not be applicable under any special rate or 26 paisa on-net and 62 paisa net call. Otherwise, charges from main balances will be applicable
  • To check cash back, dial * 222 * 33 #
  • No balance transfer will apply; Otherwise the winner will be considered canceled by the selection round 
  • In order to win the weekly prize, the customer must recharge at Tk. 58/103 / Tk.
  • According to the package, all other tariffs / facilities are undeveloped.
  • No subscriber will receive the same reward more than once on the same day. If a customer is the second winner for the same prize, then the next eligible customer / subscriber will be rewarded
  • If the time difference of the recharge time in the winner selection rounds is equal, then the major recharge amount will be preferred for the winner.
  • The subscriber who has won 1000/1000/1000 / day daily offers, can also take part in the lacquer offer according to the rules
  • 35 bidders each day during the offer, 1000 prize bonds, 35 paisa net prize bonds; And the remaining 140 pennies cost 100 bucks
  • 1 lakh per week and the next 4 will be able to win 5000 rupees
  • In order to win the winner and receive prizes, the Robi connection must be in operation
  • The winner's award will be given to the prize or equivalent price of the customer
  • The winner will be called on behalf of Robi (within 3 business days) and the procedure and place will be announced
  • Week will start from the beginning of the offer and week will be considered from Robi to Shanbeira. 
  • A winner will be called up to the maximum 3 times. If a winner gets not received after making a maximum of 3 calls or receipt of a call, his award is considered canceled
  • The subscriber will be notified through the call for the award collection period
  • If a customer does not receive the prize within the scheduled time, it will be canceled
  • The winner must bring the NID / passport and the winning connection with him during his biometric verification
  • Customers will know the full terms and conditions of this offer. Robi will not be responsible for any technical and other inevitable reasons
  • Weekly winners will be given check on account pay
  • In the last 6 months, a candidate of Robi will not be lucky for this offer (according to the NID / passport used during biometric verification).
  • Robi's decision will be considered final for winning selection and prize distribution
  • 5% supplementary duty, 15% VAT and 1% surcharge will be applicable on all tariffs
  • conditions apply
  • Offer applicable for a limited time
  • Please contact Robi service for details


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