Robi 20 TK Minute card recharge Lakhpoti offer

Now Buy a robi 20 tk minute bundle card and get 1 lakh taka prize. Robi 20Tk card users will get daily upto 1000 tk cash prize and also get 1 minute Guaranteed cash bash.
Robi Lakhpoti offer

 Robi Guaranteed cash-back offer:

  • Robi 20tk Minute card are available 55 minutes on Robi and and airtel numbers.
  • During the card offers, you will get 1 minute cash back by recharging 20tk card.

Robi 1000 Daily offer:

  • During the offer, following the first-time-in cards (55 minutes on Robi and airtel use numbers) the purchase and activate, 1000 will have the chance to win money. At 10: 00 to 6:59 in the evening will be the winner of the 1 per hour. Daily winners will be determining: 
  • Morning 10: 00-10: 59; 11: 00-11: 59, at 1: 0012: 59, at 01: 00-01: 59, at 02: 0002: 59 
  • pm 03: 00-03 : 59: pm 04: 00-04: 59, at 05: 00-05: 59, at 06: 00-06: 59

Robi Weekly millionaire Offer:

  • During the first week of the offer the customer at least once a day and the 7th day of the first 6 days (at 10: 00 to 6:59 in the evening) 0 rkada takara minutes (55 minutes on Sunday and eyaratale use numbers) buys Active he will get a chance to win Rs 1 lakh. Also, the next 4 Weekly Offer will have the chance to win 5000 each recipient. This week, a total of 5 winners will receive prizes.

Other terms and conditions:

  • This offer is valid for prepaid subscribers (except Easyload and entrepreneurs)
  • To win weekly prizes on offer to the customer in accordance with the rules during the course of 0. takara minute card (scratch card bundled minutes) must be purchased to use
  • 0 takara minute cards are for use in 55 minutes Sunday and Airtel. 4 hours period. Bundle minutes to check in, leave dial * # * II. Do not recharge amount will be credited to the account
  • The other tariff packages / facilities will remain unchanged
  • A customer can not get the same prize more than once. If a customer is the winner of the same award for the second time, then the next eligible customers / clients will be rewarded
  • He won the 1000 offer customers daily in accordance with the rules to take part in the offer, millionaire
  • 9 bajiyi offer customers every day during 1000, 1 per subscriber bajiyi 1 lakh and Rs 5000 to win the next 4 saptahaki bajiyi customers can pratyakee
  • Selection and award winners to receive, Robi connection must be activated
  • The winner of the prize, or its equivalent value to the customer will be rewarded
  • SMS will receive the offer only applies to customers bajiyi
  • The winner will be the call from the company, (3 working days), and the process of accepting the prize, will be notified of the time and place
  • From the early days of the offer will begin accounting for apharatari week (week starting from Sunday to Saturday)
  • A winner will be a maximum of 3 times to call.
  • The time between a customer does not receive the award will be rejected
  • Biometric verification of the winner must be used during the ghaou / passport and the winner will bring with connection
  • Full rules and terms and conditions of this offer, customers will know. Technical and other unavoidable reason, if something happens to any of the company shall not be liable
  • Weekly winner will be given the pay check account
  • No winner in the last 6 months (biometric verification of the user ghaou / passport under) will not be able to participate in this offer
  • In case of selection and award winners will be the final decision of Robi
  • Supplementary tax on all tariffs of 5%, 15% VAT and 1% surcharge will be applicable
  • conditions apply
  • The offer is valid for limited time
  • For further details, please contact the service company

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