Robi 4G Enabled Sim! Usable at 2G,3G and 4G Network!

Robi 4G is ready to go for the experience! If you want to be the first 4G service, but now with the upgrade to 4G Enabled Robi Sim. If you want to take your current SIM Replaces 4G Enabled Sim Come Sunday nearest service center "Robi Sheba".
Robi 4G Enabled Sim Card

Robi 4G Enabled Sim Card Details Info :

  • Robi SIM replacement fee will be charged
  • Robi 4G network implementation of the 4G network, you will receive your Robi 4G Enabled Sim.
  • Collect from your near customer care "Robi Sheba"
  • You can use Robi 4G when 4G network will be available!
  • This SIM will be usable at 2G,3G and 4G.

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