May 15, 2018

Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer 2018

Teletalk Reactivation Bondho SIM Offer 2018! Teletalk brings Bondho SIM offer for their valued prepaid customers. If you want to activate your inactive bondho sim, then you can enjoy Teletalk reactivation offer 2018. Under Teletalk reactivation offer 2018, you able to enjoy cheap call rates and amazing internet data offer. If you do not use Teletalk SIM for 3 months or more, then you are eligible for Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer. Teletalk Off SIM subscribers receive 9 GB internet and 20 minute talk time.To active closed SIM offer, you need to recharge 9 Taka.
teletalk bondho sim offer
Teletalk is own state Bangladeshi telecommunication company. Teletalk bondho sim offer a great way to increase their customer and subscriber.  If you activate your teletalk bondho sim, then you will enjoy their "teletalk jamai ador" offer. However, this is a special call rate and data offer from Teletalk.

Teletalk Bondho Sim Offer 2018 details:

Teletalk bondho sim offers mostly great then other mobile operators in Bangladesh. If you reactivate your Teletalk unused SIM card, then you will get amazing tariff call rate, internet bonus, cheap internet purchase etc. To know more information about bondho sim offer Teletalk, see from below:

Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer Check:

It's the most common question "Teletalk bondho sim offer Kivabe check korbo?". Now we are sharing full details information about "Amar Teletalk Bondho SIM Internet MB Kinbbo Kivabe".
  • To Check Teletalk bondho SIM offer, You need to send Message from any Teletalk Number.
  • Teletalk bondho sim offer check code format: and send to 112 Number (SMS Charge free).
SMS Format: and send to 112
Example: 015XXXXXXXX and send to 112 
You will get a reply Message where you are eligible for this Teletalk off SIM Offer 2018 or not. if You eligible for this offer, you can get Teletalk Bondho Internet offer.

  • To check teletalk bondho sim, type Aug 015XXXXXXXX and send to 112

teletalk Inactive Sim Special Call Rates offer :

If you returns on Teletalk family, then you will get amazing call rates offer under Bondho SIM Offer. You can enjoy lowest call rates to any teletalk number and also any local operator.
  • Enjoy 30 poisha/min to any Teletalk number.
  • Enjoy 60 poisha/min call rates to any other bangladeshi operators (24 hours).
  • To enjoy this special bondho sim call rate, you need to recharge 9 taka first.
  • After recharge 9 taka, you will get special call rates instantly.
  • After recharge 9 taka, you will get free 1GB internet data.
  • Special call tariff validity will be 30 days from 9 taka recharge date.
  • Special call rates not applicable for bonus minutes, emergency balance etc.
  • If you have any kinds of minutes bundle, emergency balance, then it's will consume first.

teletalk Bondho Sim 9GB Internet Offer :

  • Teletalk brings amazing offers on returns. If you activate your teletalk inactive bondho sim, then you able to enjoy special internet data offer. However, you able to increase this data validity.
  • Enjoy 9GB internet at 9 taka only.
  • To activate this special bondho sim data offer, Recharge exact ammount.
  • This special internet validity will 9 days (with activation day).
  • The Internet can be used from 12 AM to 06 AM. The Validity of the 9 GB Internet pack is 9 Days.
  • Unused data will carried forward next data purchase.
  • To check your remaining internet data balance, dial *152#.
  • Get up to 2Mbps internet speed on this packages.

teletalk Bondho Sim 9 GB 9 Taka Recharge :

  • This is previous Teletalk bondho sim data offer. Under this bondho offer, you will get 9 GB internet data at 36 taka only. Every 9GB purchase will 9tk only and validity 15 days. To check your bondho sim data offer, type 015XXXXXXXX and send it to 112.
  • Enjoy 9GB 3G internet at 81tk only on your teletalk reactivation bondho sim.
  • You will get up to 2Mbps internet speed on this pack.
  • Data can be usage both 2G/3G network environment.
  • Recharge 9tk To activate 9GB internet, after activate your Teletalk bondho sim.
  • To check your remaining internet balance, dial *152#
  • For more details or information, you can contact Teletalk Customer Service.

Terms and Conditions :

  • To enjoy Teletalk bondho sim offer, you need to activate your inactive sim, which inactive more than 3 months.
  • Prepaid customer who have not using their Teletalk connection since 30 Jan 2017 or before, they will avail to enjoy this teletalk special bondho sim offer.
  • If your sim bio-matrically not verified, then your need to activate your sim using bio-mertic registration. Then you able to enjoy teletalk surprise on returns offer.
  • VAT applicable each purchase, call rates etc.
  • This special Teletalk bondho sim offer continued till further notice from Teletalk.