December 20, 2016

Teletalk 45 MB Internet 8TK Minipack Offer

Teletalk brought Mini pack Internet package to their customer. Now All the Teletalk Prepaid and Postpaid customers are eligible to enjoy Teletalk 45 MB 8 TK Offer any time in a Day. Teletalk 8k 45MB data pack can be used 24 hours. The period of two days.
To subscribe teletalk 45MB 8tk minipack, write D51 (prepaid) or F51 (postpaid) and send SMS at 111 number (free).
teletalk 45MB Internet 8Tk
Teletalk 45 MB Internet 8 TK Offer Details Info:
  • To activate Teletalk 45MB@8TK Internet Package, Prepaid customers need to Type “D51” and Postpaid Customers need type “F51” and send a message 111.
  • VAT + SD + SC will be applicable.
  • Customers can use this Teletalk 45 MB Internet both 2G/3G area networks and uses time 24 hours.
  • If 45 MB Internet End, Customers will be charged Pay per use data rate 30KB/1paisa.
  • The validity of Telelatk 45MB Internet Offer 2 days.
  • To check Teletalk 45 MB Offer remaining internet balance just Dial USSD Code *152# or Type a Message “u” and Send 111.
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