March 8, 2017

Teletalk 3G Internet Packages (UPDATE)

Welcome to Teletalk internet packages prepaid and postpaid for all Teletalk 3G packs. Teletalk mobile operator offers the high speed 3G HSPA internet for your better experience on your 3G mobile or device.Get high-speed data transmission and enjoy video streaming live, video calling, speedy download with lot and lot better experiences on 3G world, which shows a smart technology advantages. Teletalk 3G Internet Package (Latest Update 2016-2017). Teletalk offers 3G data packages in least price than any other internet service company.
teletalk 3G Internet Packages

How to active teletalk 3G internet package?

  • You can active teletalk package bys send a SMS.
  • SMS charge is free for data package activation.
  • To subscribe any 3G data plan, type "subscription code" in message option and send to 111.
  • Example: D51 and send to 111.
  • To check data balance, type u" and send to 111
Let me point you to some about Teletalk 3G packages.In prepaid plans there are different offers like- classic offer, super offer, low cost offer. Let’s see what 3G Internet Package Teletalk offers in our affordable limit.

Teletalk 3G Internet Packages 2017:

Package Name Volume Price (BDT) Validity Prepaid Code Postpaid Code Bonus
Mini Packs 45 MB 8 2 Days D51 F51
100 MB 15 3 Days D37 F37
250 MB 25 3 Days D82 F82
Weekly Packs 150 MB 20 7 Days D83 F83
300 MB 35 7 Days D52 F52
1 GB 70 7 Days D58 F58 100% Bonus for 3 days
Fortnightly Packs 1 GB 100 15 Days D19 F19
2 GB 150 15 Days D85 F85
Monthly Packs 1GB 180 30 Days D31 F21 100% Bonus for 7 days
2 GB 270 30 Days D20 F20 100% Bonus for 10 days
4 GB 350 30 Days D25 F4 100% Bonus for 10 days
Off-Peak Pack 1 GB 99 30 Days D60 F25
Day-Night Pack (1 + 1) GB 150 30 Days D86 F86
Value Packs 5 GB 400 30 Days D21 F22
10 GB 750 30 Days D22 F9
15 GB 900 30 Days D26 F28
25 GB 1050 30 Days D32 F31
40 GB 1500 30 Days D33 F11
Unlimited, up-to 60 GB 2000 30 Days D62 F26

*VAT,SD & Surcharge applicable. Note:
  • All prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to subscribe the above data packages.
  • For day-night pack (D86) subscriber will be able to use 1 GB for 24 hours and the rest 1 GB can be used from 00:00 hrs to 10:00 AM only.
  • Pay per use data rate will be 30 kb/ 1 paisa Unused data will be carried forward if same data package is availed before expiration of existing data pack (bonus data won't be carried forward).
  • To subscribe any 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in message option and send to 111.
  • For example, to subscribe weekly 1GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.
  • In case of 2G network, speed is not applicable but data could be used.
  • To check the usage of volume bundled package write 'u' and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#
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