Robi Social Internet Packs Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, imo and Video Packs

Robi Social Packs Internet 2017, Facebook, whatsapp is a collection of your friends & family stories. Now you can activate robi social pack bundle to enjoy the social media contents to get in touch with your friends and family anytime, anywhere!
Robi Social Internet Pack

Robi Social Packs Facebook,Messenger,Whatsapp,Viber,imo and Video Packs :

Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
  • 100MB Viber Free day Only Available on Friday.12AM–4PM Dial *8444*000100#
  • 25MB Viber imo Whatsapp 1Day 1.22Tk Dial *8444*0101#
  • 20MB Facebook +Viber 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*202#
  • 20MB FB Imo 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*203# 
  • 20MB FB Whatsapp 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*0102# 
  • 40MB Facebook+Messenger 1Day 4.87Tk Dial *8444*04# 
  • 40MB Whatsapp 1Day 4.87Tk Dial *8444*06# 
  • 40MB Video Pack 1Day 4.87Tk Dial *8444*140# 
  • 80MB FB,FB Messenger,Whatsapp 7Days 6.09Tk Dial *8444*080#
  • 250MB FB,FB Messenger,Whatsapp 28Days 12.18Tk Dial *8444*0250# 
  • 100MB Video Pack 1Day 12.18Tk Dial *8444*110# 
  • 2GB Video Pack [1024 (24hrs access)+ 1024(1am to 4pm access)] 30Days 182.63Tk Dial *8444*2150#
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