Teletalk Emergency Balance Code (Updated)

TeleTalk launched Emergency Balance service for it’s Prepaid mobile subscriber base to facilitate the advance of airtime payable on the next airtime recharge. with this service, customers can get an emergency loan when they run out of balance. Teletalk customers will receive 10tk to 50tk as emergency balance. teletalk emergency balance Teletalk Emergency Balance can be used for any purpose with unlimited validity. After availing emergency Balance, the loan amount will be automatically deducted from the customer’s account on their next recharge. So, you can just recharge and repay the loan without any additional service fee.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Laon

Eligible Emergency Balance amount will get refreshed based on customer usage behavior and repayment frequency. The borrowed airtime will be repaid the next time or times the customer recharges his account without charging any service fee. dial Teletalk users * 122 # and select Emergency Balance up to 1, 25, 5, or 5 Taka and send "Loan" to 1222 (Charge Free).>

How to take Teletalk emergency balance?

  • To avail the Emergency Balance, customers need to dial *1122#or SMS YES to 1122.
  • or SMS sent to 1122 is Toll-free and no monthly subscription fee will be charged for Emergency Balance service.
  • To check the Emergency Balance status, dial *1122# or SMS STATUS to 1122.

Teletalk Emergency Balance code
To get an Emergency Balance at any time of the day or night, dial *1122# to request an emergency balance. You can also get other details such as pending loan amount, your eligibility, history, status, etc. Or Send SMS 50 to get 50 Taka, 30 to get 30 Taka, 20 to get 20 Taka or 10 to get 10 Taka to 1122. You can also send YES to 1122 to get your maximum eligible emergency balance hassle-free.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Code

  • No service fee (SD, VAT, and SC) will be applicable for an emergency loan of  10 Taka.
  • To get 12 Taka Loan, Dial *1122*12# or type 12 and sent it to 1122. 
  • To get 20 Taka Emergency balance, dial *122*20# or type 20 and send an SMS to 122. Service charge is 2.55 Taka.
  • Dial *122*30 # or write 30 and send SMS to 122, Get a 30 Taka emergency balance. Extra Charge 3.83 Taka.
  • Dial * 122*50# or Type 50 and send SMS to 122. The loan 50 Tk will be added to your main balance. Cost 6.38 Taka.

SMS/USSD Request Loan Amount, BDT Service Fee
Dial *1122# Or SMS “Loan” and send to 1122 The service uses the scoring to calculate the loan amount available to the subscriber Free
Dial *1122*10# Or SMS “loan 10” and send to 1122 10 0
Dial *1122*12# Or SMS “loan 12” and send to 1122 12 1.53 (1.2 BDT service fee + 0.33 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*20# Or SMS “loan 20” and send to 1122 20 2.55 (2 BDT service fee + 0.55 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*30# Or SMS “loan 30” 1and send to1122 30 3.83 (3 BDT service fee + 0.83 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*50# Or SMS “loan 50” and send to 1122 50 6.38 (5 BDT service fee + 1.38 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*0# Or SMS “Loan info” and send to 1122 Check for the subscriber’s current debt Free

Terms & Conditions: The emergency balance will be automatically deducted after recharge. The maximum emergency balance limit of the customer will vary depending on the credit usage per month. Emergency balance can be taken if the customer's balance is zero or insufficient. All other tariffs, services, and pulse will remain unchanged.

Summary: To enjoy emergency balance, the customer needs to be active and registered Teletalk pre-paid subscriber. Customer eligibility will be as per the below usage criteria -Customer can only avail further emergency balance after paying the due amount in full.

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