September 2, 2016

Banglalink Bondho SIM offer 500MB FREE facebook internet on 29tk recharge

Banglalink inactive-bondho SIM reactivation offer September 2016, If you have any Banglalink inactive/bondho connection, you can enjoy special call rate, 500MB  facebook bonus internet.. To enjoy this offer, just activate your inactive/bondho Banglalink connection and recharge of exactly 29 taka.
Banglalink Bondho SIM  500MB Free facebook Offer
Notice : Offer Closed ! 
New Offer : Banglalink Bondho SIM Free 1GB Facebook & 5GB Internet on 29Tk Recharge Offer
How Can Check my Banglalink SIM eligibile or not ?
To check your eligibility, Type your "Banglalink Number" and send to 4343 from any Banglalink number.
Note: Banglalink prepaid and call & control customers are eligible for this offer.

BL Special Call Rate on 29 Taka Recharge :
- 0.5 paisa/second (12:00 am midnight to 5 pm afternoon) and 1 paisa/second (5 pm afternoon to 11:59 pm night) call rate to any banglalink number.
- 1 paisa/second for 24 hours, to any other local numbers.
- Customers must be recharge of exactly 29 Tk.
- 1 second pulse will be applicable.- Special call rate validity for 30 days.
- Validity can be extended with every 29 taka recharge during the offer period.
- Dial *166*243# to un-subscribe from the offer.

BL 5000MB Free Facebook Offer :
- Customer will receive 500MB free facebook on 29 taka recharge.
- Customer can take this offer once every 30 days on 19 taka recharge.
- Dial *124*26# to check the bonus internet.
- Bonus internet validity will be for 30 days.
- Customer can be used this internet 24 hours.
- 500MB facebook internet can be used in both 3G or 2G network.

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