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Robi iBuddy App - Buy time based Internet Minutes

robi user can buy internet minute for facebook or youtube pack through robi iBuddy android apps.Buy to browse facebook for 10 minutes or view a Youtube clip of 30 minutes.

Robi iBuddy Android App, robi user can buy time based internet minute for Facebook or Youtube pack. Buy Time Based -Internet Minutes 10 to 30 Minutes Internet - 2Tk to 60TK.

How to activate iBuddy packs:
 - Download Robi iBuddy from Google Play Store.
   or download iBuddy apps from this link => Download
 - Register by entering mobile number: 88018XXXXXXXX in the app interface.
 - Choose your desired duration and activate.
 - Your timer (balance) appears in the app.
 - After the expiration of the validity the app would notify to extend connection.

Robi iBuddy pack details:

Validity Duration(Min / Hrs)Usage timePrice (including VAT,SD,SC)
10 min Activation time to 10mins
30 minActivation to 30mins5
1 hr Activation to 1 hrs 12
2 hrsActivation to 2 hrs24
10 hrs Activation to 10hrs60

 - Customers can purchase the packs multiple times and the usage time of packs would accumulate.
 - For special offers KEEP AN EYE ON THE APPLICATION!!!
 - On account of multiple purchase within the running validity period, the new longer validity period will appear in the app.
 - After the respective validity period, the consumers can purchase new packs by going to the application.
 - The remaining time can be checked in the application.
 - The prices are inclusive of 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT and 1% Surcharge .
 - This application can only be used by prepaid, Android Robi subscribers.
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