April 8, 2016

airtel inactive-bondho sim offer 1GB FREE internet on 19tk recharge

all inactive airtel pre-paid customers can enjoy 1GB FREE 3G internet bonus, special tariff offer on first 19tk recharge!
airtel inactive-bondho sim offer

Special tariff : on 19tk recharge

airtel - airtel (24hrs): 0.30tk/min.
airtel - any operators (24hrs): 0.60tk/min.
SMS to any numbers (24hrs) : 0.39tk/sms.
Pulse : 1 sec

► offer details/conditions:

• To check your connection is eligible or not, write your airtel number & send to 9000 (free of charge).

• 19tk recharge amount will go to customer’s main account.

• Bonus balance can be check at *778*40#.

• The customer can enjoy the rate and date bonus 24 hours.

• The customer can stop the rate offer by sending sms stop<space>rate to 4000

• If customer recharge 19tk again after first recharge, the will only get 19tk in main account.

• Customers can check by dialing *222# or type< space> number to 9000 (free)

•  offer validity for 30 days

•  3%SD+ 15% VAT+ 1%SC applicable

• For campaign details dial 1212 (Free)

• for further assistance, please call 786 or 01678600786

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