March 31, 2016

Teletalk Youth Package Tariff

Teletalk Youth Package Details:

Enjoy the best lowest tariff offer in Teletalk Youth package. Here can get 3 fnf with 10sec to any local numbers 24 hours. Want to know more information about Teletalk Youth package is below -

        Youth Package Tariff:

On-Net Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
Off-Net Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
Time (Hours)
FnF Number
0.30 TK
0.60 TK
24 Hours
Non FnF
0.54 TK
0.90 TK
8am - 12am
0.30 TK
0.90 TK
12am - 8am
Local SMS
0.30 TK
0.40 TK
24 Hours
Local MMS
1.00 TK
1.00 TK
24 Hours
FnF Number
3 FnF ( Any operators)
5 sec
          Note: 15% VAT will be applicable with all Tariff. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1) How to migrate Youth 3G package?
Ans: Type "Y3G" and send to 555.

2) How to add FnF in Youth 3G package?
Ans: To adding FnF number at first need to registration (one time). For registration just go to SMS option and type "Reg" and send to 363 after registration again go to SMS option and type "ADD" Any number and send to 363 (Ex: ADD 0155XXXXXXXX Send to 363). 

3) How to Delete FnF number in Youth 3G package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type "Del" 0155XXXXXXXX Send to 363

4) How to check FnF number in this package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type "See" and send to 363.

5) How to change my FnF number in this package?
Ans: Dail 1515 and follow the direction.

6) How to package Upgrade 2G to 3G Service?
Ans: Write "3G" and send to 666 (Free).

7) How to package downgrade 3G to 2G Service?
Ans: Write "2G" and send to 666 (Free).

Want to know more information call help line number 121 or 01550157750, 01550157760.
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