March 1, 2016

Teletalk "Agami" SIM Registration process for GPA5 holders in SSC

Greetings from Teletalk! Have you got GPA5 in SSC 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014 or in SSC 2015! Teletalk is going to giving FREE Teletalk Special SIM "Agami" with lowest tariff,data plans or more!


► Necessary Information and Instruction for AGAMI SIM collection:

•• teletalk AGAMI 3G prepaid package tariff  click here
•• teletalk AGAMI 2G prepaid package tariff  click here


• firstly from a teletalk connection you needs to send SMS for REGISTRATION.

• Complete your Agami SMS registration before starting web registration. SMS can be send by writing GPA5<space>sscBOARD<space>sscROLL<space>sscPASSING YEAR<space>MOBILE NUMBER and send to 16222


GPA5 Dhaka 123467 2014 01717******
or GPA5 Dhaka 123467 2014 01551******

• in a replay you will get NAME and a REGISTRATION number

• now after SMS process for online registration you needs to visit

• during online registration applicants must prove teletalk customer care name from where you can collect your sim

• applicants can registration this sim under his/her name if their age more then 18 years. otherwise applicants must registration this sim under his/her Guardians name

• after the successful online registration ends needs to provide of Guardians 2 copy passport size photo,voter id card photocopy.

• during sim collection from teletalk customer care , applicants must prove SSC ADMIT CARD

• Students with GPA 5 in SSC exam of year 2004 to year 2015 can apply for this Teletalk Special SIM "Agami"

• Registration start date: 01-Aug-2015 , Registration End Date: 15-Sep-2015

• Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browser for better and flawless performance.

• Complete registration process within 30 minutes of time without any interruption of internet connection.

• after the REGISTRATION deadline ends you will notify the date for collect your sim

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