March 31, 2016

Banglalink Desh Hello Package Tariff

Banglalink Desh Hello Package:

Need to flat call rate all local number and 1 special FnF Banglalink number with 10 sec pulse. Then migrate to Banglalink desh hello package. For more information banglalink desh hellopackage is below -

         Banglalink Desh Hello Package Tariff:

Banglalink to Banglalink
(Per Min.)
Banglalink to Others
(Per Min.)
Time (Hours)
Special FnF
0.30 TK
24 Hours
Non FnF
1.20 TK
0.60 TK
24 Hours
Local SMS
0.50 TK
0.50 TK
24 Hours
MMS Rate
5.00 TK
5.00 TK
24 Hours
Number of FnF
1 (Banglalink Number)
10 sec
          Note: 15% VAT will be applicable with all tariff. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1) How to migrate this package?
Ans: All prepaid customer, Go to massage option and type "h" send to 9999 (free).

2) How much FnF may I add in this package?
Ans: Only 1 Special FnF number (Banglalink) add in this package.

3) How to add FnF in this package?
Ans: Adding for special fnf just dail *166*7*number# (Free).

4) How to replace FnF and special FnF?
Ans: For replace just dial *166*8*old number*new number# (Free).

5) How to check Special FnF number?
Ans: For Knowing special fnf number just dial *166*10# (Free).

6) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
Ans: After 7 days to migrate date.

7) After how many days may I change FnF number?
Ans: After 15 days to fnf adding date.

Want to know more information about this Package then dial *121*1# (free) or call help line 121.
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