February 2, 2016

GrameenPhone EasyNet Free Internet Browsing Offer

GrameenPhone mobile operator provides free internet browse only for their customers. Now enjoy free internet, free facebook, GP-world, ekhanei.com. & free Wikipedia via using GrameenPhone network. To enjoy this amazing feature, first dial *5000*55#, than you will receive a link via reply SMS. Also GP user can purchase internet data package and internet content. More details is below-
GrameenPhone EasyNet Free Internet Browsing Offer
What is GP EasyNet?
Ans : GP EasyNet is best free internet service for grameenphone subscriber. Now free watch videos about how to learn internet. Also enjoy free internet, free facebook & free twitter.

How to enjoy?
Ans: To enjoy this free amazing service, please dial *5000*55# from your GP number. Than you will receive a link via reply sms. Now click on this link & free browse internet, zero.facebook.com & zero.facebook.com

How much price or need data pack?
Ans: This service is totally free from Grameenphone & If anybody have any data pack, they will be charged. If you don't have any data pack, you will able to this service. Because, this is free service

GP EasyNet Details/Conditions:
- Grameenphone EasyNet page is totally free browsing page. If any body browse this page, they will not charged
- To get free browsing site list, please dial *5000*500# & click link from received sms
- If customer not visiting this page, they will be charged (if they don't have data pack, Pay As You Go will be applicable)
- From EasyNet page, if any one purchase any data pack, they will be charged (+18% vat)
- If customer already in 3G area, they will enjoy 1Mbps speed
- For more details, kindly contact GP Helpline: 111 or 01711594594
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