Banglalink Manikjor Package (2 SIM Special Call Rate)

Banglalink “Manikjor Package” is a new prepaid connection where customers can now purchase a sim pack with two sim connections, Banglalink Manikjor package has 2 Sim cards and packages price 360 Tk .and enjoy 30 paisa per minute between these two numbers. This is a prepaid sim connection.
Banglalink Manikjor Package

Manikjor Package Offer

  • Get two sims in one package (manikjor package)
  • There will be two sims in a single pack.
  • These two sim pack price 360 Tk.
Manikjor tariff plans
  • Banglalink to any numbers: 0.84tk/min. 
  • Banglalink partner call rate: 0.25tk/min. 
  • 10 seconds pulse 
  • Their default call rate will be Ek Rate Darun package 
  • Manikjor package subscribers can migrate to any regular package. 
  • Sd + vat + sc will be applicable
  • There will be two sims in a single pack. when buying the sim package, please provide two copies of passport size photos and a correctly filled safe from
  • these two sims will be the partner number of each other by default
  • all other tariffs and features of these two sims will be as per existing default package i.e. ‘ek rate darun’.
  • Manik Jor package subscribers can migrate to other packages like normal subscribers
  • even after migration to any other package, the partner number will remain unchanged along with the special tariff feature.

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