August 25, 2017

GrameenPhone 1GB Internet 9 Tk New SIM Offer 2017

Grameenphone all new SIM customers are eligible to enjoy startup offer From 4th July 2017. In this GP New SIM Offer, Grameenphone Customers can get the 1GB Internet at only 9 Tk and 1 poisha call rate (GP to GP). Just buy a new Grameenphone connection & enjoy special call rate & internet offer.
GP New SIM Offer 2017

GP New SIM Offer Details:

GrameenPhone Start-up SIM price is 110 Taka. From 4th July 2017, All new Grameenphone pre-paid (Nishchinto), Djuice, Ekota 1, 3 and BS 1,3,4 (Shofol) & 5, Bondhu, Grameenphone Public Phone and Village phone connections will enjoy following offers:

Start-up Offer Details:

  • SIM price is 110 Tk.
  • Get 5 Tk Preloaded Talktime.
  • Preloaded talk time for Village Phone will 50 Tk
  • Preloaded Talktime Validity is 30 days.
  • Dial *566# to check the pre-loaded talk time.
  • Dial *121*1*2# to check the bonus talk time.
  • For the internet, the customer will be charged at BDT.01/10Kb, up to BDT 200.

GP New SIM Adha poisha & 1 poisha call rate offer:

  • On 34 taka First Recharge, Customers will be able to enjoy 0.5 poisha/second call rate to any Grameenphone number and 1 poisha/second to any other local numbers 24 hours for 15 days. In addition to that, customers will get 1GB Internet for 7 days
  • Upon expiry of special tariff, customers will be able to enjoy the main package call rate.
  • While enjoying the special lower tariff other lower tariff offers will not be applicable. Lower tariff is not applicable on bonus amount, bonus minutes or Emergency Balance and these will consume first.
  • To check bonus & validity, please dial *121*1*2#
  • The first recharge offer is applicable only for the first time, after which the 34 Taka recharge offer will not be applicable for the subscriber. During the campaign period above mentioned recharge points (9 Taka, 34 Taka) are only applicable to the eligible new subscribers and will remain restricted for all other customers. 54 Taka recharge point will also be restricted for all customers.

GP 1GB Internet on 9 Tk Recharge Offer:

  • Customers will be eligible to buy 1GB Internet for only 9Tk (inclusive all charges). Customers need to recharge exact 9 Tk to get 1GB with 7 days validity.
  • Customers can avail 1GB Internet for 9 Taka (inclusive all charges) offer only once in one calendar month.
  • Subscribers can avail this offer maximum of 5 times within his eligible period.
  • The eligible period is five Calendar months and it starts from the date from his activation date.
  • Customers can check his monthly remaining opt-in quota by dialing *121*1111#
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on the base tariff.

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