April 9, 2017

GrameenPhone Bondhu Prepaid Package

GrameenPhone Bondhu Package Details:Want to highest fnf number any number with 10 sec pulse then migrate to GP Bondhu package. This package can get total 18 fnf (One Supper FnF) any number or operator. For more information GP Bondhu package is below -
GrameenPhone Bondhu Prepaid Package

Bondhu Prepaid Package call rate :

  • GP to GP: 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • GP to Others: 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • FnF: 1 Super FnF (5.5 poisha/10 second) & 17 FnF (11.5 poisha/10 second)
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • SMS: 50 poisha / SMS
GP to GP Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
GP to Others Number
(Per Min. / Rate)
Time (Hours)
Supper FnF
0.33 TK
24 Hours
FnF Number
0.66 TK
0.69 TK
24 Hours
Non FnF
1.65 TK
1.65 TK
24 Hours
SMS rate
0.50 TK
0.50 TK
24 Hours
Number of FnF
18 FnF (1 Supper FnF)
10 sec
Note : 15% VAT will be applicable with all tariff.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
1) How to migrate Bondhu package?
Ans: Just dail *111*44# (Free) or Type "B" and send to 4444.

2) How much super FnF add in Bondhu package?
Ans: Only one (GP Number).

3) How to add FnF in Bondhu package?
Ans: FnF Number <Space> & send to 2888.

3) How to add supper FnF in Bondhu package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type "SF"<Space>FnF Number send to 2888.

4) How to replace FnF number in Bondhu package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type Old number <space> new number and send to 2888.

5) How to check FnF number in Bondhu package?
Ans: Go to massage option and Type "FF" and send to 2888.

6) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
Ans: After 1 calendar day to migration date.

7) After how many days may I change FnF number?
Ans: After 15 days to fnf adding date.

Want to know more information just dail *111*44# or call help line 121 or 1711594594. or visit www.grameenphone.com
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